Who are that noisy bunch in the corner?

Are you doing obedience training with your dog and want to try something new? Is your dog just a ball crazy ratbag? Flyball does not interfere with obedience training. In fact, the sport reinforces the disciplines taught in obedience classes.

Flyball is led by Tracey, Simon and Sam who are flyball crazy, but it really is a TEAM event, everyone pitches in, helps out and laughs at each other!

Flyball is a team sport which consists of a relay race between two teams of four dogs. Each dog must jump over four hurdles, retrieve a ball by triggering a Flyball box and then returning over the hurdles to the start/finish line. Unlike any other dog activity to date, Flyball is pure fun for everyone; the dogs, the handlers and the spectators. Spectators are encouraged to applaud, laugh and cheer on their favourite team. It doesn't matter if your dog is a Jack Russell or a Great Dane, Flyball doesn't discriminate on the size of the dog. You can see Flyball on YouTube if you like. Let's get it out there now though, it is a big commitment because it takes about a year to train a dog, and once trained you will be part of a TEAM. But; each week of training is a lot of fun.

So what we need for your dog to be ready to start are:

  • A dog aged about 10 months old or older so that its bones have stopped growing and they are strong enough for racing.

  • That the dog has fairly good recall because the training is off leash.

  • The dog MUST be good with other dogs as Flyball is fast, furious and fun the dogs will be running full pelt at one another.

  • Be able to laugh at yourself - we will make you run, jump about and make noises you never thought was possible to make!

If your dog is too young for full training, what you can do to get started is to teach your dog to fetch a ball. Also, throw a ball in the air for your dog to catch so that it gets used to a ball coming towards its face. Then, when you think you and your dog are ready to start, bring your ratbag over to meet our ratbags and join in the fun, because, really, it is heaps of FUN!!

Training Times:

Beginners setup 8:30am, Training till 9:30am

Competition Dogs 9:30am till 10:15am

Team Training 10:15am till 11:00am


Flyball training activities run each Sunday when not competing across Victoria at shows

We look forward to meeting you!