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Rally Obedience (also known as Rally-O) is a fun, dog-sport based on traditional dog obedience but carried out in a more informal and relaxed style. Unlike in traditional obedience, handlers are allowed to encourage their dogs during the course, so you may use as much verbal praise and petting as you like. It can be a great way to increase your bond with your dog and to help you and your dog develop skills that can be applied in everyday life. There are six levels of Rally Obedience starting from Rally Novice to Rally Obedience Champion!


'Rally' is a wonderful introduction to the sport of Obedience for dogs of all breeds and ages.    It also provides an opportunity for veteran dogs to remain active and timid dogs find the soft verbal praise very reassuring which can build confidence in a dog.

A team consists of a dog and a handler, moving around a course with the dog in a 'heel' position.  A sign at each station gives instructions to the dog-handler team, and each team must execute the station's particular task.

The course is laid out using numbered signs which instruct the team to go fast or slow, to halt (dog must sit at heel), to make turns and circles, to reverse direction, to do a down-stay-walk around dog, to go over a jump, and to follow many other basic obedience exercises. 

The team starts with 100 points, and the judge deducts points for mistakes such as a tight leash, crooked sits, or performing an exercise incorrectly. Many dogs enjoy this change from the usual silent heeling of traditional obedience as handlers are allowed to talk to their dogs and praise them while completing the course. During a competition, the team is also timed to see how long they take to complete the course just in case other competitors end up with the same point score.

If you are interested in trying Rally-O or have any questions please find Bev Dyer in the ring opposite the club house - you will not be able to miss the set course! 

Come join the fun! 

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