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ACODC offers a number of disciplines you can train your dog in. Click on the respective field for more information! 



Club Guidelines


To ensure our club remains a safe and happy environment for all of our members and their dogs the following guidelines must be adhered to by all of our members at all times.

  • All dogs must have a current vaccination certificate and be over 18 weeks of age to join.

  • Dogs must be fitted with a lead and collar appropriate to the size and type of dog.

  • Dogs must be under effective control at all times.

  • No dog may be off lead unless authorised by an Instructor.

  • Bitches in season may not be trained on the training ground.

  • All handlers must carry plastic bags and clean up after their dog.

  • The Instructor reserves the right to order any dog from the ground if, in their opinion the dog is uncontrollable or a hazard to other dogs, handlers or Instructors.  The Committee also has the right to insist that dogs be muzzled where necessary.

  • Club name badge must be worn at all times when training.

  • Heat policy:  All training will be suspended once the temperature reaches 30 degrees C.

  • Dogs are not to be left unattended in parked cars without adequate water and ventilation.

Click here for a full copy of the ACODC Constitution:

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