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Training will recommence on 1st August however some rules must be applied due to government restrictions now in place. We ask for your co-operation to ensure we can remain open under the current restrictions and keep everyone as safe as possible.


  • Classes are restricted to groups of 10 members.

  • There will be multiple groups of each class so please follow the directions of the Instructors on the ground.

  • Only one handler per dog is allowed on the ground, no other family members or spectators. (Only exception being a parent/guardians or designated care giver and these will be counted in the group of 10)

  • Do not remain near the QR code tables. Leave the area as soon as you check-in.

  • Keep social distancing rules and please do not stand near the clubroom for a chat.

  • Face masks must be worn at ALL times in ALL areas including the carpark.

Please arrive at least 15-20 minutes before your class to register your attendance via our QR code, settle your dog and allow time for the Instructors to assign you to one of the groups of 10 for that day. This will take a bit of extra time so we ask that you are on the training ground 5 minutes before the start of your class.


If you are late onto the training ground you may not be able to train that day. You will not be able to just walk up and join a group already in progress.  At the start of your class, Instructors will be checking your phones for the green tick to show that you have checked in via the QR code so keep it with you.  If you do not have a phone, you will have to show the slip of paper you received at the office when you registered your attendance manually.


At the end of your class, we ask you to leave the ground immediately to allow the next group to come on to the ground. During the current government restriction periods you will not be allowed to stay on the ground after your class to ask the Instructor questions or to just walk your dog around the area.


Please do not hesitate to contact the club if you have any questions.

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